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and be amongst the first to watch Fabio Wuytack's "Back to Utopia", a 75 minute film narrated by John Hurt, and dedicated to Thomas More's literary masterpiece. By registering you participate in the film's international online premiere on the 500th year anniversary of the book's publication. It is a first come first served. Those motivated to register will see the film for free online!


The 500 year old book UTOPIA takes us on a journey through the world of today. What starts as a quest for an original medieval print stolen by the mafia in 2012 in Napels turn into a quest for the meaning of the book. In an unique blend of fiction and documentary BACK TO UTOPIA tells the story of journalist Alex Dillen (Johan Leysen) and his professor Panludic (John Hurt). A story about past choices and future decisions.

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