Official Name
The DocsOnline Foundation (Stichting DocsOnline)

Public & Brand Name 

Chamber of Commerce 


M. van de Bergh (chairman), E. de Vries (secretary), I. Wever (treasury)

Richard Holkade 10 
2033 PZ Haarlem 

Remuneration Policy
Remumeration Policy (Dutch)
The members of the Supervisory Board do not receive any remuneration for their work. They may receive a non-excessive holiday allowance and reimbursement of the costs incurred by them in the performance of their duties. The Management receives a salary  in accordance with labor agreements that are common in the sector. 

The objective of the foundation is:

Promoting the use of documentaries and maintaining the documentary tradition:
• Promoting and facilitating the use of documentaries as a means for (self) education.
• Promoting and facilitating the use of documentaries as a tool for third-party education.
• Creating and providing a meeting place for viewers, makers and users of documentaries to talk about documentaries and the topics that are dealt with, as well as providing context for them.
• Providing practical and financial support to documentary makers in the field of fundraising, marketing and distribution of documentaries.

To achieve these goals, the Docs Online foundation develops the following activities:
• Making documentaries available online
• Developing and offering online platforms for discussion on various documentary related topics (both subject-related and creation / form related)
• Developing and offering online educational packages and education methods of which documentaries are the main component
• Developing and offering online (authentication) solutions for offering documentaries to promote point of views and / or objectives by NGOs and others
• organizing "Docs4Thought" evenings in which documentaries are discussed and the subjects they deal with (both subject-related and creation-related)
• develop (online) techniques to achieve the above goals

Actual Report of current activities
In 2018 and 2019 DocsOnline is supporting, promoting, and developing educational packages for the online release of 60 licensed Documentary films. To fully exploit the potential of the marketplace and maximize audience impact for these films we are continuously seeking additional funds through fundraising, crowdfunding and sponsoring. As we speak 60% of the 2019 budget has been covered so far.

Policy Plan
Policy Plan (Dutch)

Annual Accounts
Annual Account 2017
Annual Account 2016
Annual Account 2015
Annual Account 2014
Annual Account 2013

*Note application for official PBO status is still under review by belastingdienst

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