Production Marketing

Connecting People to Documentary Film

Why For You

Production-Marketing helps to build lasting and paying audiences for your films. Documentary Production faces a changing environment which is challenging theatrical distribution, international broadcasting, financing, and audience access. Because of the rise of internet catch up and distribution, of online majors, and of the upcoming European digital single market, Producers and Distributors need to redefine practices in which they address, build and profile audience, and how they keep access to the market.

DocsOnline has developed a new service called Production-Marketing. This service dramatically improves the market positioning of a documentary while on production, thereby increasing audience and promoting pre-sales and sales for the Producer. Having a strong market position basically means your film is well represented, easily findable and readily accessible for anyone interested in its subject matter. This will result in a strong and constantly growing influx of prospects coming from all markets – consumer, educational and television. Building anticipation for the film before its release, firmly positioning it on the internet, securing revenue prospects, will give the necessary headstart and the prerequisite to both online and offline sales.

What We Do For You

DocsOnline Production-Marketing service‘s action plan is to develop and analyze the audience for a documentary film project. This is achieved by exploiting the expert-position of a documentary on a given subject, by posting high-value production contents and attractive short clips on the internet, to engage with audiences on social media and online platforms. Then funnel the engaged audiences, through analyses and interaction into a package of extensive email lists, segmented followers, prospects, profiled members and paying subscribers. Our Online Reporting Dashboard shows detailed traffic analyses during the marketing process, outlining opportunities for theatrical and TV presales, online consumer or educational sales.

About You

The Production-Marketing service is for at producers with a project seeking pre-sales and sales targeting transnational audience,  including international television, theatrical, educational and online distribution. Coproduction Fora and Training initiatives will enable DocsOnline to select a first series of 30 projects in 2018, chosen for their thematic relevance to a global audience.

What Does It Cost You

DocsOnline Production-Marketing service is valued at a flat fee covered by DocsOnline and Creative Europe funding for half of its cost. Producers pay the other half in two installments, 50% at campaign agreement signature and 50% at the post-production stage. The first payment is guaranteed recoupable by the producer 15 months after campaign agreement signature and accomplishment of pre-sales phasis.

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