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In today’s “post-truth” world, educating ourselves about important issues and finding varied and reliable information sources is as critical as ever. We live in hectic times. On the internet, gossip acquires fact status in nanosecond. People, including politicians, cherry-pick data and come to whatever conclusion they desire. So if you feel stranded, trying to make sense of the blinding fog of (mis)information, you have come to the right place. We present  documentary films as an in-depth and inspiring resource and offer a perfect platform to educate oneself and others.

Our Purpose:

It is our objective to promote and make documentary filmmaking profitable for filmmakers. Why? Documentary filmmaking offers a perspective of the world that is unique and different from all other forms of media. Documentaries take their time to reveal details, like important facts, knowledge, experience and ideas. They also add a personalized view of the subject, which is an approach that often rebels against the institutional world or heralds the individual, the exceptional and the unique.

In a world easily-influenced by the power of the masses, it is important to preserve the attentive and personalized approach of the documentary. Most of today’s documentary films are either funded or financed, either directly or indirectly, by governments and institutions. This makes it difficult for a documentary to be truly independent, as one would prefer not to bite the hand that feeds it. To this end, DocsOnline operates a documentary-on-demand website designed to promote the genre and provide filmmakers with an independent source of income. All revenue is shared equally with the filmmakers.

 Please join us in watching the many films found on our website.

The Foundation

Our brandname is DocsOnline, but the organization is a Foundation, independent and not-for-profit, with its main office in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The organization is controlled by an independent management board and employs 5 staff members. The Utrecht office acts as the hub for a network of professional contacts worldwide. Our mission is to support professional documentary makers financially by exposing their work on a wide international scale to a paying audience. The DocsOnline Foundation further aims to encourage the use of documentaries as a valuable resource of information and promote an unrestricted exchange of views and opinions. To this end, the DocsOnline foundation organizes a documentary-on-demand website that is designed to increase public interest worldwide and provide the documentary tradition a lasting presence on the internet, thereby promoting the genre and fostering sales.

Office Location

The Docsonline Foundation

Kromme Nieuwegracht 9
3512 HC Utrecht
The Netherlands
+31 (0)30 8895488

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