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When Adnan comes home by Berends, Andrew

The documentary is about the life of the sixteen year old Iraqi boy Adnan Ghazi. In 2003, Adnan was arrested for stealing two meters of electric cable and this was seen as a serious crime against the state of Iraq. While in juvenile prison, a fire broke out and Adnan was seriously burned. The focus of the documentary is the relationship between the confused Adnan and his family.

Social Interest
The main topic of the documentary is the choice between family pride and Gods will or the love for their son. At first, Adnans family was so angry and embarrassed because of his bad behavior, that they didnÂ’t want to visit him in prison. After the fire incident, compassion takes the upper hand and Adnans family helps him with his recovery.

Berends, Andrew
Copyright Holder
Beeld voor Beeld
66 min.
Year of release

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