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Underhand Tactics; Sugar Overload by Perrin, Edouard & Renaud, Jean-Baptiste

For the last decennia, the attitude towards food has changed in France. Obesity has become a growing problem and the amount of sugar in food products has skyrocketed. However, by studying the food labels on the package we do not seems to be getting the right information. Even scientific studies appear not to be as reliable as we hope them to be, as the food and sugar industry are financially contributing to the research.

About the Series
The documentary film Underhand Tactics, Sugar Overload is part of the series Cash Investigations, Underhand Tactics, Investigating Corporate Tactics. This new eight part series investigates the strategies of global corporations. Other episodes include Neuromarketing, Green Marketing, Tax Havens, High Frequency Trading, Planned Obsolescence, Toxic Labels and Disease Branding.

Perrin, Edouard & Renaud, Jean-Baptiste
Copyright Holder
Java Films SARL
55 min.
Year of release

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