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The Srebrenica Debate by Zonlicht Producties

On April 2, 2012 DocsOnline organized a debating night in Amsterdam about the Srebrenica Genocide. The debate was held to commemorate this tragic event in which 8.000 Muslim Bosniaks were brutally massacred by the Bosnian Serb Army. Dutchbat - Dutch soldiers under the command of the UN - played a key role herein, as they were unable to prevent the town's capture by the Bosnian Serb Army that subsequently executed the massacre. The then prime-minister of the Netherlands, Wim Kok, resigned because he regarded the massacre as a huge blot on his legislation and felt he needed to take responsibility. In this documentary, historian Christ Klep talks the about the Dutchbat troops in the Srebrenica area. Did they know what had happened to the civillians? The chairman is journalist Ad van Liempt. Other guests are Carolien Brugsma, editor and Srebrenica specialist, documentary film maker Jos de Putter and military historian Christ Klep. The debate was convened by Docs4thought and Cineblend.
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