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The song of the flower by Jacques Dochamps

Threatened by the oil industry, the people of Sarayaku in Amazon leads a relentless struggle for survival. Inspired by an ancient shamanic song, he engages in an universal challenge: The Frontier of Life
Jacques Dochamps
Copyright Holder
Jacques Dochamps et Jose Gualinga
61 min.
Year of release
Quechua, Espagnol

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    Leon, Jorge, 2010

    Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2009. In a recruitment Centre, young women undergo training to become domestic workers. They learn how to use a microwave, how to take care of an infant and how to speak their future employers language.

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    Petitto, Giuseppe, 2001

    Sanpeet by Italian director Giuseppe petitto, is a story of gambling and kick-boxing. The leading character, Sanpeet Petnonnoi, is a small, beautiful, unblemished, bronzed seven year-old boy who lives in the poor region of northeast Thailand.

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