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The Price of Cotton by Junger, Karin

Story Access to markets
In The Price of Cotton,filmed in Mali, we meet small cotton farmers in Mali and second-generation cotton farmers in Texas who all worry about the gathering international storm around cotton subsidies.

About the A dollar a day series
A dollar a day is six-part international series that shows what it means to live under the poverty line. While many people recognize that surviving on a dollar a day is a struggle, very few understand the nature of poverty. In addition poor people are often not recognized for the creativity and resourcefulness they possess. The six episodes of the series revolve around themes, respectively - access to capital, access to markets, access to jobs, access to health care, access to basic needs, access to good governance.

Educational Interest
Each documentary in the A dollar a day series is an excellent resource for individuals and groups that want to learn more about the causes of poverty and what can be done about them.

Social Interest
These programs illustrate that while poor people may lack money, education, security or healthcare, they do not lack creative initiatives, knowledge and willpower. Perhaps the greatest value of this series is that you get to know people who live on a dollar a day. They become real human beings and not just "the poor." In knowing them you discover that they are not so different from us, because their poverty is largely a result of circumstances beyond their immediate control.

Junger, Karin
Copyright Holder
EMF Films BV
50 min.
Year of release
English, French

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