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The Parade by Fidyk, Andrzej

This renowned documentary film Defilada by filmmaker Andrzey Fidyk is highly regarded by its distinctive images, exposing a hidden part of the North Korean society for a large audience. The film depicts the mass parades choreographed to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea in 1988. The sensational parades celebrating the anniversary of the republic and worshipping the leader Kim Il Sung, are taking place at the same time as the Summer Olympics celebrated in South Korea. The Summer Olympics in Seoul were boycotted by North Korea.

Political Interest
At the end of World War 2, the northern part of the Korean peninsula was occupied by the Soviet Union, while the southern half was occupied by the United States. In 1948, two separate governments were formed, and the two Koreas have been at war since 1950. Since the establishment, North Korea has been a single party state. Kim Il Sung became president from its establishment until his death in 1994. The personality cult surrounding him is the most widespread among the citizens and he is referred to as the Eternal President.

Fidyk, Andrzej
Copyright Holder
Television Poland
60 min.
Year of release

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