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The importance of being elegant by Amponsah, George & Spender, Cosima

This documentary is about members of the cult La Sape. La Sape is the society of Ambience and people of Elegance and the members are religiously devoted to high fashion. La Sape was launched in Congo in the 70s by the well-known Congolese singer Papa Wemba.

Social Interest
Afther the dictatorship of Mobutu, a lot of Congolese people fled to Europe. Europe should be the mecca of all sapeurs. But in the mind of Congolese youth Europe isnt paradise but hell because its difficult to live without papers. Because they dont have papers and they want to make a lot of money to pay for their expensive life style, they end up in the criminal world.

Amponsah, George & Spender, Cosima
Copyright Holder
Beeld voor Beeld
70 min.
Year of release

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