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The English surgeon by Smith, Geoffrey

The English surgeon gives you the opportunity to see a real hero in action; neurosurgeon Henry Marsh. Over a decade of years he has been giving hope to an Ukrainian hospital staff and patients with an uncertain future. This film is also an eye opener to the daily struggle in Ukraine medical world for new equipment, better working conditions and better ways for treatment. The film is a remarkable depiction of one doctor's commitment to relieving suffering and of the emotional turmoil he undergoes in bringing hope to a desperate people.

Medical Interest
Neurological diagnoses and neurosurgery are shown in this movie. Because of outdated equipment and shortage of materials and facilities, it is hard for the hospital staff in Ukraine to help all the patients. Therefore, Henry Marsh frequently brings back materials and used equipment from British hospitals.

Smith, Geoffrey
Copyright Holder
Smile Film Sales
93 min.
Year of release
English, Ukrainan

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