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The engineer's plot by Curtis, Adam

Part one of the BBC television documentary series Pandora's Box, The engineer's plot examines the implementation of social engineering in the former Soviet Union. The documentary consists of archival footage accompanied by narration and interviews with those who were involved in the respective administrations.

Historical Background
After the abdication of Tsar Nicholaas II by the Bolshevists in 1917, the communist regime attempted to develop Russia from a de facto agricultural society into a modern industrialised nation. With the implementation of a planned economy the leadership quickly gained total control over every aspect of society. The documentary highlights the degenerative development of Soviet technological determinism as it evolved from a moral attempt to build a rational society into a bizarre bewildering existence for millions of Soviet people.

Social interest
With the prospect of a utopian society, engineers became the new elite of an ideology which claimed to have no societal inequality. Contradictory to their initials ideals, the Communists eventually transformed Russia from a despotic autocracy into a panoptical society administrated by stringent technocrats. As the planning of every aspect of social and economic life became increasingly more uncontrollable the inevitable economic stagnation turned into economic crisis and finally resulted in the end of communism.

Pandora's Box
Pandora's Box is a six part BBC television documentary series written and produced by British television producer and documentary filmmaker Adam Curtis. Each part of the series focuses on social, political or scientific aspects of reality and examines the increasing influence and danger of political and technological rationalism.

About the filmmaker
Adam Curtis is a renowned British television producer and documentary filmmaker noted for making programmes which often make far reaching claims on grand subjects. The scale of his subject matter and his claims to the undisputable truth of his opinion often give rise to controversy. However, his documentaries always expound clear views on the subject and are structurally well argued. Curtis is known for his extensive use of archival footage and the narration of his own documentaries.

Pandora's Box won the 1993 BAFTA Award for Best Factual Series.

Curtis, Adam
Copyright Holder
45 min.
Year of release
Russian, English

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