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The day you love me by Jaugey, Florence

A candid observation of domestic abuse and machismo in Nicaragua's capital Managua, The day you love me follows the daily procedures of the Police Commissary for women and children. Frankly and without inhibition several women and children express their grievances to the commissary's employees as they file charges about abusive husbands, lovers and parents. Despite the incessant social disparity of the community, the police and social workers demonstrate their skill in dealing with a range of situations and abuses.

Machismo in Latin-America
Machismo is a Spanish term used in Latin-America to indicated the socially accepted superiority and expected dominance of men over women. Although the term and its perception in Latin-America might seem sexist from the perspective of Western audiences, it is widely accepted in marital relations in Nicaragua. Combined with social depravity and alcohol abuse, police are often confronted with a wall of silence when dealing with domestics violence. Therefore only a very small percentages of the filed charged ever lead to prosecution.

About the filmmaker
Florence Jaugey was born in 1959 in Nice, France and studied drama at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts et Tecniques du Theatre. In 1990, together with Frank Pineda, a Nicaraguan filmmaker, they set up Camila Films. Its productions mainly reflect on cultural and social aspects of life in Nicaragua and the rest of Central America. In 1998 Jaugey won the Silver Berlin Bear, for her short film Cinema Alcazar.

Union Latine Prize for best documentary, Biarritz Latin American Film Festival (La Cita). France. 2000. Jury Prize, San Juan Cinemafest. Puerto Rico. 2000. Best editing. Icaro Films Festival. Guatemala. 2000.

Jaugey, Florence
Copyright Holder
Camila Films (via bank)
61 min.
Year of release

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