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The alpha diaries by Bergman, Yaniv

Alpha diaries is the story of young Israeli men who are drafted every year by the Israeli army to become soldiers for 30 days. As a contribution to their country they have to leave their normal life behind and continue with the reserve forces. One of the soldiers filmed his experiences for 5 years to show everybody this inhuman task.

Social Interest
Its remarkable to see the thin line between the private lifes of these boys and the duty they do for their country. On one hand they talk about their girlfriends, they watch pornography and use drugs and alcohol. On the other hand they terrify little children with their guns and actions. The film challenges the viewer to question whether they possess the right mental make-up to be soldiers.

Political Interest
Because of the seemingly everlasting war between the Israeli and Palestinians everyone is drafted to join the army for three years at the age of 18. At the age of 21, they are released and return to normal life. But their duty doesnÂ’t end; it continues with the mandatory Reserves Service, which they have to serve for 30 days every year.

Bergman, Yaniv
Copyright Holder
Smiley Film Sales
65 min.
Year of release

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