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Something remains by Capelli, Luciano & Ruggeri, Andrea

Narrated from the perspective of several generations of Nicaraguans, Something remains tells the story of the turbulent twenty-two years in their nation's recent history. The candid testimonies discuss the day the Sandinista revolutionaries took power from the Somoza dictatorship, till the day they were voted out of office in 1990 and the tumultuous years since. Widows, orphans and heroes of war, they are of all ages, a variety of classes, and on both sides of Nicaragua's civil war.

Historical background
After coming into power in 1936 the Somoza family ruled Nicaragua as a dictatorship till 1979. On July 19th, 1979, the socialist Sandinista revolutionaries took power after a violent civil war and instituted a series of reforms, aimed at creating social economic equality. Unfortunately, due to economic mismanagement, an overconfidence in revolutionary sentiment and a contra-revolution, the reforms never reached their desired potential. In 1990 the FSLN were voted out of office and Nicaragua faced a uncertain future.

A wide variety of perspectives shed light on the 1979 revolution and its aftermath. By minimizing an overtly expressed direction, the documentary seems an honest and sincere observation of the traumatic experiences of a torn apart nation. However, in some instances the filmmakers have included obviously staged scenes, beautifully shot among the wreckage of Nicaragua's civil war, which highlight the cinematic aesthetics of their documentation over their objectivity. This varied approach makes the film both compelling and visually impressive.

Capelli, Luciano & Ruggeri, Andrea
Copyright Holder
Producciones del Rio Nevado S.A
51 min.
Year of release

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