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Serial Killers by Necek, Barbara

What turns someone into a serial killer? How do they go undetected for so long and what compels them to keep killing? Meet the criminal investigators and serial killers they profile. This compelling documentary focusses on Richard Cottingham, one of the most notorious killers of the 80s, Elmer Wayne Henley, one of the Houston Mass Murderers and killer nurse Wolfgang Lange. Their candid conversations with the investigators about their actions are disturbing yet insightful.
Necek, Barbara
Copyright Holder
Java Films SARL
52 min.
Year of release

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  • 70 min.

    Deadly love

    Pighetti, Olivier, 2012

    In February 2012, Bruno Zuliani murdered his three children and then hanged himself, leaving wife, Odile, to deal with the consequences.

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  • 68 min.

    Are all men pedophiles?

    Breure, Jan-Willem, 2012

    Sexual attraction to young boys and girls is, without a doubt, pedophilia. The apparent condemnation of pedophilia in Western society appears to have a sense of hypocrisy as girls as young as 16 are being sexualized in the media.

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  • 97 min.

    Los ladrones viejos

    Gonzalez, Everardo, 2007

    Los ladrones viejos portrays a melanchonic image of the Mexico of forty years ago, when being a thief was a real profession. The former thieves are now old men serving their sentence in prison.

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  • 64 min.

    The Quiet One

    Meyers, Sidney, 1948

    The Quiet One tells the story of a Harlem youth who grows up feeling rejected and withdrawn, eventually drifting into delinquency. He becomes a "quiet one," building a wall of silence around himself to hide the bitterness.

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  • 51 min.

    Death on the Eastern Front - part 2

    Ihden, Sven, 2003

    The end of World War II. The civilian population falls between the fronts and is left helplessly at the mercy of both the Red army, filled with hatred and revenge, and of the Wehrmacht, incapable of protecting its own people.

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  • 58 min.

    Century of Self; the Engineering of Consent

    Curtis, Adam, 2002

    Part two of the BBC documentary series The century of the self and explores the ways in which Sigmund Freud's theories on the subconscious were used in post-Second World War America to control the masses.

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  • 80 min.

    Beirut diaries

    Masr, Mai, 2006

    In de documentaire Beirut Diaries zien we de discussies onder jongeren en de maatschappij na de aanslag op voormalig Minister President Rafiq Hariri in het voorjaar van 2005.

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  • 52 min.

    Sport, The Mental Issue

    Niezen, Lies, 2000

    This film adresses an interesting link between sports and the power of the mind. Just like the body, the mind can be trained in order for someone to become a succesful sporter.

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