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Satan's doctor by Amara, Emmanuel

This film unravels the mysteries of Felix Kersten, Heinrich Himmlers personal masseuse therapist. How did Kersten come to work for the German Reichsfuhrer just before the second world war? More importantly, was he able to influence the decisions of one of the most ominous characters of Nazi Germany? Did Himmlers doctor actually save the lives of thousands of people in the end? The film provides us with a clearcut answer.

Social Interest
The labor camps and concentration camps put up by Hitlers Nazi Germany, contained prisoners of Jew descent, political prisoners, Sovjet war prisoners, Gypsy, homosexuals, disabled and more. Milions of people were deported to the camps, located mainly in Germany and Poland, and died as a result of the horrific circumstances or execution.

Political Relevance
The second world war is known as the war of Hitlers Nazi Germany in order to conquer the world during 1939 untill 1945. During the war, milions of people perished by bombings, fights, starvation and deportation to labor camps and concentration camps. One of the most important persons of the Nazi regime was Heinrich Himmler, Reichsfuhrer of the SS. He was also the person in control of the camps, external police and security forces.

Amara, Emmanuel
Copyright Holder
Java Films SARL
51 min.
Year of release
English, French

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