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Romania, the taming of the intellectuals by Brunner, Benny

What were the motivations behind RomaniaÂ’s intellectuals to collaborate with the Ceaucescu regime? After the Soviet dominance of the 40s and 50s and the resulting forced sovietization of Romanian culture, Romanian intellectuals felt a renewed freedom when Ceaucescu came to power (mid 60s). Nationalism, which had been suppressed for years, was valid again and became the new doctrine. A wave of sympathy for the new leader and a kind of relief was felt under intellectuals who now could work without having to make a lot of concessions. But soon it became clear that Ceaucescu had only played to be a liberal. The ideal was to fund a North Korean communist dynasty in which patriotism and a leadership cult were mandatory. Intellectuals could either play the game and profit from benefits, like poet Paunescu, or be quiet.
Brunner, Benny
Copyright Holder
Xela Films
49 min.
Year of release
English, Romanian, Dutch

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