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Que viva Mauricio Demierre by Goel, Stephane

QUE VIVA MAuRICIO DEMIERRE evokes the tragic destiny of Mauricio Demierre who took part in the Sandinist revolution and was killed in an ambush held by the Contras in February 1986. Twenty years after the killing, his girlfriend of the time, Chantal Bianchi returns to Nicaragua, to the remains of the revolution. Qué viva Mauricio Demierre shows a remarkable image of the revolution and the role of the church (see wikipedia).

Historic Interest
In 1982 Maurice Demierre and his partner Chantal Bianchi left for Nicaragua, to support the Sandinist revolution and help build the country. When Maurice was killed by the Contras, who are supported by the United States, he became a martyr. In the civil war 50,000 people were killed of whom 20 young foreigners.

Goel, Stephane
Copyright Holder
Stephane Goel
70 min.
Year of release

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