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Nuclear: Nothing to report by de Halleux, Alain

Pro nuclear power or against it ? The question shouldn’t prevent one from examining how nuclear industry actually operates today. Switched from a public service philosophy to the free market's economical contingencies, cashflow rules and rimes with sub-contracting and squeezing safety enforcement. Nuclear industry workers encountered in France and throughout Europe do admit, verify and sometimes protest on a daily basis: a zero-risk situation is far from being real. Their safety is also ours. Nuclear energy, long time bad news because of its dangerous waste and further to the Tchernobyl catastroph, is back to the frontscene. It’s main quality : a participation to reducing our civilization’s CO2 production – to which price ?
de Halleux, Alain
Copyright Holder
de Halleux, Alain
58 min.
Year of release
English, French, German, Swedish
Country of production

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