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"" looks at the relations between the developed and developing worlds through the prism of relationships between white men and black women on the internet. Several stories cross each other, revealing the dreams, hopes, and disappointments that underlie these singular encounters.
Ducat, Francois
Copyright Holder
52 min.
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  • 53 min.

    Between two worlds

    Haasen, Bettina, 1999

    'Between two worlds' is a ethnografical road movie which offers a confidential glance in the rural life of the Wodaabe tribe.

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  • 55 min.

    Love beyond frontiers: made in Japan

    Leeuw, Puck de, 1996

    'Love beyond Frontiers, part 1 - Made in Japan' is the first film of what was to become a three part series. In it, acclaimed film-maker Puck de Leeuw portrays 3 women (one Flemish and two Dutch) who have fallen in love with Japanese men.

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  • 66 min.

    When Adnan comes home

    Berends, Andrew, 2007

    The documentary is about the life of the sixteen year old Iraqi boy Adnan Ghazi. In 2003, Adnan was arrested for stealing two meters of electric cable and this was seen as a serious crime against the state of Iraq.

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  • 61 min.

    The day you love me

    Jaugey, Florence, 1999

    A candid observation of domestic abuse and machismo in Nicaragua's capital Managua, The day you love me follows the daily procedures of the Police Commissary for women and children.

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  • 85 min.

    Pleasure and Hysteria

    Bucquoy, Jan, 1994

    A semi-autobiography of the first 28 years of the director, the Flemish anarchist Jan Bucquoy.

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  • 60 min.

    Cambodia: The Virginity Trade

    Watson, Matthew, 2009

    Cambodia: The Virginity Trade is a compelling and alarming account of the lives of girls and women affected by the virginity trade and sex industry present in Cambodia.

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  • 52 min.


    Radovanovic, Goran, 2003

    Sex, survival, Serbia, pantyhose? What do they have in common? In 'Casting' women have come to audition for a part in a pantyhose commercial which has as its slogan - The most beautiful step in Europe- Panties for every occasion.

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  • 63 min.

    Desert Brides

    Ushpiz, Ada, 2008

    One third of the Bedouin women living in the Negev desert in Israel are forced to deal with polygamy. Desert Brides offers close-ups of the realities of becoming a first wife, second wife or lover in Bedouin culture.

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