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Nanoworld or Abyss by Gateau, Vivian

Are human beings becoming obsolete? Do we have legitimate reasons to be scared of cyborgs? The merging of man and machine is approaching, thanks to the development of nanotechnology. Here, a curious director enters the amazing world of nanotechnology and tries to unravel the nano mysteries for her fellow lay people. As the accompanying opportunities and dangers are clarified, one thing is certain; after watching this film, it is impossible to look at your own mobile phone the same way.

Scientific Interest
Nanotechnology consists of manipulating matter on a extremely small (atomic and molecular) scale; one nanometre is equal to a billionth of a metre. The strategy used is the bottom- up approach, developers start building up nano objects and adding functionalities afterwards. Nanotechnology is about miniaturizing; the result is manipulation on nanoscopic scale. It allows developers to make smaller, more effective and less energy consuming machines. An important element is the allotrope carbon nanotube. In this film, the director pays a visit to the Institute for Nanotechnology Lyon, Minatec and nobel prize winner Albert Fert.

Gateau, Vivian
Copyright Holder
52 min.
Year of release
French, English

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