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Murge - the Cold War front by Arvat, Massimo

For 13 days in 1962, the impending doom of the Cold War almost became reality as the world balanced on the brink of nuclear war. Krushchevs decision to place nuclear weapons in Cuba sparked the Cuban Missile Crisis. But what is relatively unknown is an earlier perceived threat from the USA, the stationing of nuclear weapons in the Murge region, Italy. This documentary film reveals how the unknown nuclear missile bases in Murge had a huge impact on a local as well as a global scale.

Military Interest
On August the 10th, 1095 Italian government signed a treaty with the US providing that ten nuclear missile bases were installed on Italian territory. The bases were installed in the rural Southern zone called Murge, in the Apulia region. In February 1960 the first missiles arrived in Gioia del Colle, within a year they were ready to be launched. The bases kept being active until March 1963, when they were dismantled following the agreement signed by Kennedy and Krushchev after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Arvat, Massimo
Copyright Holder
Java Films SARL
53 min.
Year of release
English, Italian, Russian

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