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Megacities by Glawogger, Michael

Bombay, Mexico City, Moscow, New York: seductive, yet repellent monsters. The contradiction insinuates itself into the daily lives of those who populate these megacities. In 12 chapters, presented without narration, the inhabitants of ?Megacities? share their lives and experiences. A beautifully shot, yet gruesome film about work, poverty, globalization, violence, and the search for love and sexual gratification...

At the Sundance Festival in the United States, Megacities evoked puzzlement and discussion. Many in the audience wondered how the producer raised money for a film that shows life at its most wretched without taking a moral position or providing commentary. Typically European.

Human Interest
Shankar, the Indian Bioscope Man; Modesto, the Mexican chicken feet vendor; Baba Khan, the Indian paint recycler; Nestor, the Mexican trash scavenger; Oleg, Borya, Kolya and Misha, the Russian Street kids; Cassandra, the Mexican erotic performer; Larissa, the crane operator; and Toni, the American hustler. Day in, day out , they struggle for survival with ingenuity, intelligence and dignity. And all dream of a better life.

Glawogger, Michael
Copyright Holder
Paul Thiltges
90 min.
Year of release
Country of production

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