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Los Nietos by Jeunehomme, Marie-Paule

This documentary breaks the silence surrounding the murders committed by pro-Franco forces in northern Spain in the 30s and 40s. The victims' grandchildren take on the horrible task of exhuming their graves in San Pedro Mallo, a village in Bierzo. Survivors tell their stories, but the fear they still feel when telling their stories is palpable: they were forced to keep silent during Franco's 40 year regime.

Social Interest
Members of the village's older generation recount the memories they were always too afraid to pass on to their children. Their grandchildren, who grew up in the post-Franco period, have never felt the same fear and want to know what happened. The youngest generation feels a sense of obligation to the victims and feels that giving them a proper burial is the least they can do. When one grave is exhumed, the stories of other victims of the same crimes begin to unfold.

Jeunehomme, Marie-Paule
Copyright Holder
Centre Video de Bruxelles
59 min.
Year of release

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