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Los ladrones viejos by Gonzalez, Everardo

Los ladrones viejos portrays a melanchonic image of the Mexico of forty years ago, when being a thief was a real profession. The former thieves are now old men serving their sentence in prison. It seems as if the director is trying to raise sympathy for these thieves, called zorreros. In prison, famous criminal El Carrizos tells about his relationship with a secret service agent, nicknamed Dracula. These two characters worked hand in hand for a while before betraying one another. However, the corruption and backstabbing is contradictory to the honor and professionalism the zorreros pursued in their criminal careers.

Social interest
Until recently, petty theft in Mexico City was an occupation subject to a strict code of honour. Ranking in the hierarchy of thieves depended, as in any other profession, on talent and personal ambition. A Zorrero had to know how to burgle a house cleanly, i.e. without using guns or violence. The film also draws attention to the police corruption in Mexico in the 1970s.

About El Carrizos
King of the Zorreros was the respectful title given to the films main protagonist, Efrain Alcaraz, alias El Carrizos. He started his criminal carreer by learning the tricks from zorrero (thief) El Elotes. El Carrizos became well known in the 1970s for burglaring the house of former Mexican president Luis Echeverria Alvarez. The old zorreros featuring in the film vividly remember the work of El Carrizos.

Gonzalez, Everardo
Copyright Holder
97 min.
Year of release

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