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Invisible by Bojanov, Konstantin

Invisible is a touching portrayal of six young heroin addicts in Sofia, Bulgaria. The drug use, the good days, and especially the bad days of the six, aged 18 to 39, were recorded over a period of three years. The entire documentary radiates the somber, depressing feeling so characteristic of the lives of addicts with no future. It is evident in the way the addicts tell their stories and the uncanny way they communicate. The filmmaker's approach to the situation and the addicts is non-judgmental. The techniques used allow the viewer to infiltrate their lives, and the film serves as a warning to everyone who did not already have a strong aversion to drug use.

Social Interest
The young drug users are seen as outcasts and are ostracized by society. For their part, the addicts see this rejection as the reason they have no choice but to continue their daily search for drugs.

Historic Interest
With the fall of the Iron Curtain at the beginning of the 90's, the former eastern bloc countries suddenly had access to everything that used to be forbidden. The arrival of heroin set off a wave of drug use among young people in eastern Europe.

Bojanov, Konstantin
Copyright Holder
Konstantin Bojanov
90 min.
Year of release

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