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Inside China's campus by Ponsin, Camille

  • Story
  • Political Interest
  • Story
    Inside China's Campus gives the viewer a glimpse into student life in China. Contrary to the free and easygoing lifestyle enjoyed by many university students in the West, studying at in China requires a life of strict self-discipline. The control and indoctrination students face is more akin to that of the military than that of a university.

    Political Interest
    The documentary demonstrates the enormous influence of the Communist Party in China. Upon arrival, first year students are fitted for uniforms and confronted with strict rules, nationalistic slogans and Communist party meetings. It is clear that the Party is as convinced of the correctness of its doctrine as it was in 1949, the year of its founding. The Chinese people are forced to learn and live by party doctrine.

    Ponsin, Camille
    Copyright Holder
    Java Films SARL
    52 min.
    Year of release

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