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In Search of Happiness; Sweden by Woringer, Erik


Sweden is a country known for it's vast natural heritage. While some have sustained a lifestyle connected to the nature that surrounds them, others have developed environmentally conscious structures and activities in urban centers. In order to discover the wellness virtues of the Swedes, we travel from the ecofriendly city of Malmo to a traditional Lavvu up in the North. Of course, multiple saunas are visited, as the sauna is the typical Scandinavian place for health and relaxation. Other Swedish stimulants for happiness include luminotherapy, Swedish gym and a firm swedish massage.

About the series

Life is becoming more and more stressful. To survive in this anxious and oppressive world, we have come to understand that we must not only listen to our bodies but also take care of them. For some time now modern man has centered his life around the essential notion of well-being. In this series, different health, relaxation, beauty and well-being rituals from the worlds five continents are discovered.

Woringer, Erik
Copyright Holder
Java Films SARL
50 min.
Year of release
English, French

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