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I soeni by Goeijers, Carin

As the singer Rein Mercha, Reinard Dewus is a hero among the Sinti people. In his native tongue, Romanes, he sings ballads about love and about the history of his people, who have been roaming around the earth for generations. But Reinard wants more. His greatest desire is to become a successful singer in mainstream modern culture while gaining recognition as a Sinti in particular. To achieve this, he and his cousins try to get into contact with a record company. While Reinard is endeavouring to conquer the mainstream world, that world is gaining more and more control over his Sinti world. His teenage daughter is having problems at school, and it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain the unwritten laws of the Sintis. But for Reinard, the whole point of his life is precisely to pass on his culture. While he tries to keep the Sinti traditions alive within the sheltered world of the caravan camp, Reinard undertakes a rambling journey with horse and wagon. His music tells the rest.
Goeijers, Carin
Copyright Holder
Goeijers, Carin
76 min.
Year of release
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