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I see the stars at noon by Taji Farouky, Saeed

  • Story
  • Historic Interest
  • Social Interest
  • Story
    I see the stars at noon is a portrait of 26-year-old Abdelfattah. He is Moroccan and plans to enter Europe illegally via the Strait of Gibraltar, the narrow channel between Spain and Morocco. The film follows his story as he searches for traffickers who can smuggle him across the water.

    Social Interest
    The film documents the illegal immigration issue in Europe from the point of view of an immigrant. AbdelfattahÂ’s plan is to stay in Europe for two years and earn money for himself and his family. He lives in poverty in his home country, since finding work in Morocco is impossible due to economic conditions.

    Historic Interest
    Hundreds of Africans attempt to cross the Straits of Gibraltar illegally every month for what they believe is a better life in Europe. They are willing to lose their friends, their families, and even their lives to chase this fantasy. Currently, immigration into Europe is an extremely controversial subject, and while EU members continue to demand secure borders, the controversy will not be easily resolved.

    Taji Farouky, Saeed
    Copyright Holder
    Beeld voor Beeld
    55 min.
    Year of release

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