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Han, the price of freedom by Dereims, Alexandre

With dictator Kim Jong-Il being in control, the political situation in North Korea has forced a large segment of the population to literally run for their lives. Thousands of North Koreans try to get into South Korea through China with the danger of severe repercussions. Away from the horrible situation in North Korea, a life in South Korea isnÂ’t always as positive as the refugees had hoped it would be. This moving and thrilling film shows unique dialogues with North Korean refugees, smugglers and genuine people trying to help.

Social Interest
The flow of North Korean refugees to China is estimated to be 30.000 a year. There is great danger of being arrested and deported back to North Korea. Only after they are able to reach another country like Mongolia or Thailand, the North Koreans can apply for a refugee status in South Korea. Even though the state of South Korea tries to accommodate the refugees, a lot of North Koreans feel lost, lonely and depressed.

Human Rights Interest
A large segment of the North Korean population with a low income is very troublesome. The famine during the 90s has been disastrous for the poor population, and even to this day there is still a food shortage for many. North Korean people who try to flee the country are often deported back to North Korea. There, they are sent to prison and are either executed or deported to a concentration camp like Yodok. Accordingly, North Korea is being accused of having very bad human rights records.

Dereims, Alexandre
Copyright Holder
Java Films SARL
52 min.
Year of release
English, Korean

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