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Freemasons by Balvers, Romy

The documentary tells an interesting story about Freemasonry. During this film several members of Lodges in Amsterdam are followed and interviewed. They openly talk about their motives for joining this fraternity as well as the fulfillment they receive, or hope to receive, by being part of this secretive group. With this film director Romy Balvers does away with some of the mystique that has always surrounded Freemasonry.

Historical and Social Interest
A poem know as the Regius Manuscript is considered the be the oldest Masonic text and dates back to 1390. Using rituals and symbolism in their codes of conduct this international fraternity has always been surrounded with mystique. Freemasonry has three degrees within the Lodge system: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason. This 'society with secrets' teaches ethical lessons and searches for answers to lifes important philosophical questions. Development, brotherhood and encouraging change seems to be at the core of the society's work, expressed most often in charity projects. and among their own brethren. The Lodges involved in this documentary are Lodge Post Nubila Lux and Lodge LÂ’Union Royale, residing in Amsterdam and The Hague.

Balvers, Romy
Copyright Holder
Beeld voor Beeld
40 min.
Year of release

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