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Damenwahl by Otto, Annette

The Story
In DAMENWAHL film producer Annette Otto investigate the relation of her parents which are running a farm on the German countryside. On an exceptional vulnerable way she asked herself and her parents the question: What is the basic of your love? This causes a lot of pain. The movie shows how thoughts about love and marriage in Europe has changed and how it has influenced our community. Damenwahl is a slow, however carefully made and the editing takes the time to demonstrate the whole atmosphere in which the filmmaker grows up. This documentary won in 2006 the jury price at the prestigious Vision R?el at Nyon.

Sociaal perspectief
DAMENWAHL is a typical ego-documentary. Characteristic for this kind of documentaries is the narrow view in which it looked at the world: only the own view and experience are considered. However, Damenwahl goes further than that. Damenwahl shows the marginalisation of a way of life. During millenniums the social fundament of Europe was formed by farmers in often small enclosed countryside communities. Today, Europe is urbanizes for more than 80% . DAMENWAHL provides not only, a personal view what we are gaining of this, but also what we are loosing.


  • jury price Vision R?el at Nyon
  • 2006 San Diego Women Film Festival
  • Director
    Otto, Annette
    Copyright Holder
    Annette Otto
    55 min.
    Year of release

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