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Daddy is a martyr by Mohr, Daisy

My Daddy is a Martyr offers a unique view into the lives of members of Hezbollah Shiite Muslim community. This documentary is an intimate portrait of the family of Ibrahim Mouazzi, a Hezbollah guerrilla fighter who died in 2006 in the Lebanon war. Over the course of a year we follow IbrahimÂ’s wife, Dalal Mouazzi, as she grapples with the death of her martyred husband. While Dalal is proud of the way Ibrahim died, his loss has left a painful void in her life, and in the lives of her five young children.

Political interest
HezbollahÂ’s social programs, which are staffed by welleducated employees, offer some of the best social welfare services in Lebanon and are the essence of HezbollahÂ’s power. Through these programs, Hezbollah in turn creates a sense of indebtedness among poor Shiite families; traditionally neglected by the state, they are now willing to sacrifice their men for the cause. This cycle of martyrdom is crucial to HezbollahÂ’s survival and future strategy.

Social interest
The film shows how Hezbollah takes the Mouazzi family under its wing, offering spiritual counseling and social support. Hezbollah regards the children of martyrs as ideal future fighters. We witness how the Mouazzi children are socialized by Hezbollah and their community to love and respect the concept of Jihad. These private moments give unique insight into the lives of members of HezbollahÂ’s Shiite Muslim community. We see how the Party of God, which is considered a terrorist organization by many Western countries, encourages its supporters to become martyrs by glorifying the concept of Jihad and creating a sense of loyalty by providing social support.

Mohr, Daisy
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50 min.
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