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Corazon Abierto by Lara, Katia

Corazon Abierto (or Open heart in English) is an ode to Honduran filmmaker Sami Kafati, who died in 1996. His fiction films told the story of life in Honduras and subtly suggested his worries about conditions there. In this documentary, we catch a glimpse of the production process for the film No hay tierra sin dueno (There is no land without an owner), which he was not able to finish before he died. His children, widow and friends share stories of his filmmaking talent. No hay tierra sin dueno was released in 2003, despite the filmmakers untimely death seven years before.

About Sami Kafati
In Honduras, a country that produces very few films, Sami Kafati is regarded as the premier filmmaker. Kafati made his first black-and-white film, Mi amigo Angel, in 1962. Kafati studied film in Italy, where he became fascinated by neorealism. His films often portray real life and everyday scenes.

About the documentary maker
Documentary filmmaker Katia Lara is from Honduras and is the founder of Terco Producciones and the Honduran Filmmakers Union. She is a member of Cinergia, Middle American and Cuban audiovisual film fund. She was educated in Honduras, Mexico and Argentina.

Lara, Katia
Copyright Holder
Katia Larissa Lara Pineda
38 min.
Year of release

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