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Congo files by Alonso, Julio

Congo files shows the current situation of Congo citizens, specifically focused on the conflicts that took place in the region of North-Kivu in the first decade of the 21st century. The documentary deals with a wide range of serious problems in Kivu, such as attacks, rapes, child soldiers and glue-sniffing. An UN peacekeeping force called MONUC is present in the area, though they seem not to be able to control the situation.

Historical Interest
The documentary starts with historical footage of the independence of Congo and its aftermath, including images of Patrice Lumumba, his arrest and Joseph Mobutu.

Media Interest
The filmmakers accompany staff members of a radio channel, Radio Okapi, in Congo's city Kinshasa. The journalists tell about the dangers of their work and how they deal with broadcasting horrible issues that happen close to home almost every day.

Alonso, Julio
Copyright Holder
Java Films SARL
49 min.
Year of release
Spanish, French

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