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Chronique Basque by Marie-Paule Jeunehomme


Aritz Arrieta is the target of an ETA death threat and lives under the constant protection of his two bodyguards. Aritz is an alderman in Mondragon, one of the strongholds of radical Basque nationalism, and aspires to the post of mayor in the municipal election of May 2011. Chronique basque plunges us into the daily life of this young elected socialist representative and brings us face to face with a society marked by over 40 years of terrorism.

Social Interest

In October 2011, the ETA renounced its “armed activities” and in february 2014 the ETA handed its weapons to two members of the International Verification Commission. With those steps an end came to what sometimes is being referred to as ' Europe's longest war ' This film outlines the memory of the victims of terrorism and the condemnation of the use of violence. This film is the fruit of meetings with men and women who were victims of ETA persecution, a dive into the twists and turns of the Basque Country maze.

Historic relevance

In 50 years of existence, the Basque terrorist organisation has killed 858 people, 16,000 people have been wounded, 70 more held hostage... 40,000 people living in the Basque County were under threat from the ETA during the making of this documentary.

quote of the director

"I discovered a society fractured by 40 years of terrorism, a democracy in danger, where freedom of thought was flouted." Marie-Paule Jeunehomme
Marie-Paule Jeunehomme
Copyright Holder
Marie-Paule Jeunehomme
54 min.
Year of release
Country of production

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