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Blood Ink by Cespedes, Marcelo & Guarini, Carmen

In the 1990's Argentina suffered huge problems of inflation, capital flight, and budget deficits, forshadowing its economic collapse in 2001. Set against this backstory BLOOD INK follows a group of journalists of "La Cronica", a leading Buenos Aires tabloid. Violence is their bread and butter. Everyday, they witness nothing but misery, and if the topics for front-page articles do not automatically present themselves, they will not hesitate to create them. Take Martha, for example, who calls the morgue every morning from the editorial office, in persuit of a juicy story...

Social Interest
BLOOD INK reveals the ethical ambivalence of the gutter press, their focus on scandal-mongering, sensationalism, jingoism or other unethical or unprofessional journalistic practices. The documentary shows how the gutter press feeds on fear and anxiety in public discourse and relationships, and how this may affect the way people interact with one another as individuals and as democratic agents.

Historical Interest
BLOOD INK is a reflection of life in Argentina just prior to its economic collapse in 2001. At the time the social and political situation of the country was racked by brutal upheavals and frenzied liberalism. The subject of BLOOD INK is not the actual newsstories but the people who cover them: the journalists. Their corrosive humour is on a par with an existential bitterness.

Political Interest
BLOOD INK makes you wonder about the gutter press' influence on society. This film focusses on the popular Argentinian newspaper CRONICA and its journalists in Buenos Aires in 1998. But it could be any tabloid, anywhere, anytime.

Awards & Reviews
An expose on bizarre accidents and mysterious murders in Buenos Aries, written by journalists from the Argentinian tabloid, "La Cronica."(Yahoo Movies).
"Blood Ink" (Tinta Roja) has been screened at various leading documentary filmfestivals around the world, including IDFA and Hot Docs.


  • Directors: Carmen Guarini, Marcelo Cespedes.
  • Cinematography: Libio Pensavalle.
  • Editing: Carmen Guarini, Claudio Martinez.
  • Sound: Cote Alvarez, Horacio Almada.
  • Music: Olivier Manoury.
  • Producer: Marcelo Cespedes.
  • Production: Cine Ojo
  • Director
    Cespedes, Marcelo & Guarini, Carmen
    Copyright Holder
    Matthieu Laborde (ISKRA)
    72 min.
    Year of release

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