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Before, during and after - Chile, October 5 by Diamand, Frank

Shot during the days of the 1988 referendum in Chile, this documentary film gives a personal touch to this immense political event. The referendum, finally giving the Chilean people an opportunity to vote against dictator Augusto Pinochet, has divided the Chileans in two: the camp of the No-voters and the camp of the Si-voters. As the votes are in, the No-voters cheerfully celebrate the end of the Pinochet regime and the regained freedom on the streets. However, this film emphasizes that the people will have to continue to face up to the dangers of the regime.

Political Relevance
After the 1973 coup d ‘ etat and the death of Chilean president Allende, army general Augusto Pinochet ceased power. He remained president until 1990. During this time, the military Pinochet regime enforced economic reformations and banned all leftish parties. Furthermore, thousands of cases are known of civilians killed or tortured for political reasons. This film shows the plebiscite in 1988 when the majority of the Chileans voted against Pinochet. The outcome has led to democratic elections for the presidency and parliament.

Diamand, Frank
Copyright Holder
Frank Diamand
50 min.
Year of release

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