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Back to Utopia by Fabio Wuytack

Alexander Dillen is a hard-bitten journalist who feels he has sold out. Prompted by the death of his former Professor and mentor Peter Panludic, and against the backdrop of the theft of a valuable early edition of Thomas More's book, he embarks on a quest for UTOPIA, which takes him around the world from the jungle in Peru, to the deep south of Mexico, the heart of Africa and the wasteland of Fukushima. BACK TO UTOPIA brings him back to revisit people and stories he covered unjustly in his search for personal acclaim. Note for French speaking viewers - French subtitles are activated by clicking the CCbutton in the player.
Fabio Wuytack
Copyright Holder
Fabio Wuytack
Fabio Wuytack
82 min.
Year of release
English Spoken & French subtitles

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