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Learn more about DocsOnline by Jaroszewicz, Kropat, Kalukin, Maciejewski, Staron

The directors have gone out of their way to make an unique documentary film by showing authentic images of the daily life of Polish soldiers deployed in Iraq, as part of the NATO training operation after the 2003 Iraq war. This short documentary film about the Polish soldiers stationed near Bhagdad exposes the sharp contrast in their job description. Naturally, their goal is to help and train civilians in need but the deployment also entails tracking down dangerous armed enemies. During their time in Iraq, soldiers learn that nobody is to be trusted.

Political Relevance
The 2003 Iraq war was the war that initially started between Iraq and the United States. During its quest for weapons of mass destruction, the USA attacked the country and managed to overthrow Saddam Hussein. The war ended with the withdrawal of the USA in 2011. The international alliance NATO was responsible for the NATO training mission between 2004 and 2011. Poland has been a member of the NATO since 1999. During the mission, Poland sent a divisional headquarters and a brigade and as much as ten rotations of troops to Iraq.

Jaroszewicz, Kropat, Kalukin, Maciejewski, Staron
Copyright Holder
Television Poland
27 min.
Year of release
Polish, Arabic

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