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Anatomy of Evil by Nyholm, Ove

In war situations, some people lose the one thing that makes them human: morality. Their actions are so unreal, it makes you think they are nothing but wild animals. The Anatomy of Evil is about confronting this heartlessness. Director Ove Nyholm decided to try and find an explanation for the horrendous behavior of perpetrators in Nazi Germany and in the Bosnian War, responsible for mass killings of defenseless victims. The result is a series of chilling confessions of soldiers with a dark past.

Political Interest: Einzatsgruppen
The Einsatzgruppen were SS death squads in Nazi Germany; at least a million people were murdered by the troops over 2 years time. The Einsatzgruppen, formed in 1939, operated throughout the territory occupied by the German armed forces following the German invasions of Poland and the Soviet Union. Einsatzgruppen deported large groups of (mainly Jewish) inhabitants out of their towns and executed them. They were the first Nazi organizations to commence mass killings of Jews as an organized policy.

Political Interest: Bosnian War
The Bosnian War was a result of the breakup of Yugoslavia and the declaration of independence of the Bosnian Republic in 1992. During the war, ethnic cleansing was a common phenomenon; Serb and Croat forces performed ethnic cleansing of their territories in order to create ethnically pure states. Furthermore, Serb forces committed massacres such as the Srebrenica massacre. Serbia was accused for failing to prevent genocide committed by Serb forces. Later, Serbia failed to punish those responsible for the genocide, especially General Ratko Mladic.

Nyholm, Ove
Copyright Holder
87 min.
Year of release
Danish, English

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