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An American Journey by Seclier, Phillipe

First published in 1958, the book that remains the most famous work of photographer Robert Frank is The Americans. Fifty years after the first publication, photography editor Phillipe Seclier attempts to follow Franks journey across the USA. He travels to South Carolina, Washington, Texas and New York to explore the small towns and rural communities the photographer immortalized. An American Journey gives the photographs of Robert Frank a new context while making very subtle commentary on America today.

About Robert Frank
Robert Frank is a Swiss photographer who moved to the USA in 1947. Frank headed out across America, his lens capturing the outsiders perspective of an immigrant. After more than a year of travelling, 83 pictures were collected in his groundbreaking book The Americans. Shortly after, Frank also turned to filmmaking. Cocksucker Blues is his best-known documentary. A quote by Frank: A photographer has to have a sense of passion, and also a sense of purpose.

Seclier, Phillipe
Copyright Holder
59 min.
Year of release
English, French

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