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An American in communist Poland by Morawski, Piotr & Kaczynski, Ryszard

The visit of Robert Kennedy to communist Poland in 1964 was a chance for the secret police to see the American capitalist enemy with their own eyes. As Robert Kennedy visits the streets of Warshaw, goes to mass at the Jasna Gora and attends to a Polish wedding, the secret police is always nearby, documenting every single step. The footage reveals a disturbing fact of the activities in the Polish communist era. Citizens who got a bit too close to the American visitor were monitored and often got in serious trouble.

Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy was an American politician. He has been U.S. attorney General and worked closely with his brother, president John F. Kennedy and president Lyndon B. Johnson. In 1965, he became state senator of New York. He was assassinated in 1968. Robert Kennedy has been a prominent member of the Democratic Party.

Morawski, Piotr & Kaczynski, Ryszard
Copyright Holder
Television Poland
43 min.
Year of release
Polish, English

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