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Affectionately known as Alex by Turken, Danny


In this film, director Turken shows what life is about in the Johannesburg township Alexandra. Despite the Alexandra Renewal Project launched by president Mbeki, the majority of the local residents live in so-called shacks, often without water or electricity. This discomfort and disappointment is often accompanied by hatred towards immigrants. This film succesfully shows the story behind the shocking xenophobic attacks in South Africa, which started in the township Alexandra.

Social interest

In order to improve the living conditions in the Johannesburg township Alexandra , the Alexandra renewal project was developed in 2000 under the management of South African president Mbeki. The project was started in order to deal with urbanisation and the lack of housing for the Alexandra residents. However, the South African residents are increasingly complaining about the growing amount of foreign residents, especially from Zimbabwe. Alexandra was the first place in South Africa where xenophobic attacks emerged in 2008.

Historic relevance

The townships in Johannesburg are known for their poverty and criminality. During the apartheid regime in South Africa from 1948 till 1994, the black population of Johannesburg was forced to live in the surrounding townships. The township Alexandra, often called Alex, is one of the poorest urban areas in South Africa.

Turken, Danny
Copyright Holder
Uhuru productions
24 min.
Year of release
Zulu, Xhosa, English

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