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30 Years of Darkness by Martin, Manuel

The extaordinary story of Manuel Cortes told in this film seems unreal. However, the story of his life is familiar to hundreds of other Spanish people, fearing the repression of the infamous regime of dictator Franco after the Spanish Civil War. Former Mijas mayor Manuel Cortes has been hiding in a small hole inside his house for 30 years. Obviously, the effects of the dictatorship and civil war on a personal level must have been immense. The documentary gives a much deserved attention to this hidden aspect of the Franco era and is also a beatiful piece of art because of the animation used to capture Cortes his years in hiding.

Political Relevance
After the Spanish monarchy was overthrown in 1931, the second Spanish republic became increasingly divided between the extreme left and the extreme right. The Spanish Civil War between the Republicans and the Nationalists lasted until 1939, when finally the Nationalists prevailed. General Franco ruled Spain as a dictator until his death in 1975. The Francoists took control of Spain through comprehensive attrition warfare. This involved brutal treatment and executions of Spaniards found guilty of supporting the values promoted by the Republic such as regional autonomy, liberal or social democracy, free elections, womens rights and the practice of religions other than Catholicism. .

Martin, Manuel
Copyright Holder
Java Films SARL
55 min.
Year of release

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