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3 Years, 3 months, 3 days by Franik, Nicolas & Lazarev, Anouchka

Didier has a great life, but somehow he feels that something had always been missing for him to be truly happy. In his view, there is only one possible solution: remove himself from the world and go on what Tibetan Buddhists call the Three Year Retreat. The film follows Didier through the critical stages just before he is about to leave his life behind: his partner, his house, his friends, family and freedom. He discusses his motivation, doubts, resolution and difficulties when facing the choice that means so much to him. This is the story of an adventure directed inward, embarking on a journey of self discovery.

About the retreat

This film shows images of the Karma Ling Institute in France, part of the international Buddhist Sangha Rimay community. The Karma Kagyu is the largest lineage within the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism. The three year retreat is a way of training serious practitioners in the core teachings and practices of the Karma Kagyu lineage. People wishing to undertake the traditional three years retreat must first get permission to do the retreat from the Retreat Master. The pre-retreat is a two month period for learning the rituals, music and torna making used during the retreat and receiving teachings needed to begin the retreat. The schedule is similar to the retreat schedule. During retreat the retreatants will not be allowed to use the phone or to see anyone outside the retreat. All the retreat practices are done in Tibetan and retreatants need to be able to read Tibetan quickly before they come to the pre-retreat training.

Franik, Nicolas & Lazarev, Anouchka
Copyright Holder
56 min.
Year of release

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