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03 Congo: Why do we Speak? by Pascale and Jean-Denis Lilot

In this 25x3min series, children from different continents around the world answer life's deepest questions. The series is part of a philosophical workshop organized by the directors to discover the meaning of life through questions children ask themselves. So during the workshop, a participating group of children is asked to come up with several significant questions, one of which is chosen. Episode-3 takes you to Congo where children in their own intimate surroundings are asked - Why do we Speak? The beauty of the series lies in the fact that the answers go far beyond the children's cultural framework and innocently disclose the human values that connect us all.
Pascale and Jean-Denis Lilot
Copyright Holder
Pascale and Jean-Denis Lilot
3 min.
Year of release
Kikongo, with English and French subtitle
Country of production

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